Event Date: Saturday, February 29 2020 from Noon to 5PM

Event Name: Woodinville Brewery Washington Beer Open House

Body Copy: Do you wonder about the secret life of beer? Do you spend your visits to the Woodinville brewery staring out the window behind the bar - curious about what, exactly, everyone in those lovely rubber boots is doing? What does it feel like to stand next to a 120BBL fermenter? What even is a BBL? How do we get some beers so clear and beers like Nothing But Haze so, well, hazy? What's the life cycle of a beer, from brewing wort to shipping the finished product? Why is there a cardboard cutout of Nigel on top of the cold room? How do we get all those blueberries into Kitty Kat Blues? (We'll give you that one now - we ask them nicely.)

Come visit our beer, and our brewers, in their natural Woodinville habitat. This is one day of the year we exclusively dedicate to opening those brewery doors and showing you how exactly everything works. Whether this is your first brewery visit or you've seen a brite tank before, we'll be here with answers to your questions, exhibits, examples, and - most importantly - beer!

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