We brew on a 30BBL system in Woodinville and a 15BBL system in Redmond. Our annual production capacity is currently 15,000 barrels, but the brewery is constantly growing to keep up with your hearty appetite for delicious craft beer.

Brewing Philosophy

As beer lovers ourselves, our mission is simple; brew beer that we want to drink. We do not limit ourselves to style guidelines or how we "should" brew any beer. We brew it our way and hope enough folks like it because we cannot drink it all, even though we try sometimes.

Check out what we do everyday here at the Raven (Photo slide show):

Brewery - Special Programs



Here at the brewery, we like to experiment with uncommon and unique ingredients. Our monthly cask ale program allows us to do that frequently on a small scale. Each first Wednesday of the month at 4pm, we tap a special cask on the bar that highlights our brewers creativity. Served at traditional English cask ale cellar temperatures with soft, natural carbonation ensures the intended flavor and aromatics shine. Wednesday casks sell out fast! Best to be here early before it is all gone.



Since our first year of operation, our brewers have been intrigued with the process of aging beer in wooden barrels. Our barrels are full of creative flavor combinations for experimental and production purposes. Not all of our barrel experiments become production beers but the ones that have are now considered brewery classics. We currently age beers in bourbon, rye whiskey, red wine, white wine and cognac barrels. These special beers appear throughout the year in limited quantities and usually sell fast.



We never know when inspiration will strike and we account for that with special projects. Sometimes an idea is too fresh or new to put into regular production and that's when it goes on the special board. Many of these creative projects have turned into Black Raven favorites such as BeakTweaker Citrus IPA and our annual Festivus Holiday Ale. Who knows what will be next!

Quality Control

Strive for excellence

Many brewers talk about quality, we actually back it up. Our goal is to make the best beer, not the least expensive. We have a full time lab program onsite and work diligently every day to ensure the beer is rad. Is this expensive? Of course it is but reputation is priceless. Does this mean we are perfect? Not yet. We aim high and work daily to ensure our beer is in top form.


Bottles and cans

...Just clap your hands. In addition to the draft beer in our taproom and your favorite pub, we package a wide variety of our beers in bottles and cans.


No Secrets Here!

We work very hard to keep the beer fresh on the shelves. We fully disclose the date of filling your bottles, cans and kegs. No secret code to hide behind, we put it out there for you to see. Bottles have the date in yellow ink on the neck, above the label. Cans have their fill date codes on the bottom of each can. Most of our beer is 90 day shelf life for best taste. Our stronger ABV beers are usually 120 days and can actually improve with age.

  • People

    • Beaux Bowman, Head Brewer - Owner

      "My goal was to build a brewery that not only crafted beer I wanted to drink, but also be a brewery that I wanted to work in. The most rewarding part of this is realizing that guests and staff actually are excited about what we are doing and our vision of a true neighborhood brewery has come to life."

    • Nigel Slater, Account Manager - Events Coordinator

      When he’s not selling it he’s drinking it. No one is really sure where he came from, how old he is, or what exactly he does, but with his mid Atlantic accent and bewildering sense of humor Nigel is firmly planted in Black Raven culture. Hobbies include, Bicycling, Riding Horses and staring out of windows. A Black Raven since 2009 and an industry guy before the age of modern flight.

    • Ben Wertz, Production Manager - Brewer

      No stranger to brewing, this guys knows how to make your brew and keep the wheels on around here.

    • Sarah Robicheau, Packaging/Warehouse Coordinator

      This raven started her life at the nest working in our taproom but has now crossed over into the magical world of beer production. Sarah ensures the beer gets into the proper packages and onto the right trucks in order to get to you.

    • Matt Roberts, Brewer - Special Projects Coordinator

      Matt AKA "Skinny" comes to us all the way from Houston, Texas where he claims to have had a few too many with the chupacabra of myth. Kraven immediately took a liking to him, due in large part to his affinity for speed and the wind in his beakless face; albeit via motorcycle and not wings. However, it was the brewing and packaging experience starting in 2013 that landed him here (pun intended).