Enjoying great beer with the local community is a favorite past time of ours. Check out what we're up to and come join us!

Friday, June 25th at Noon

Recipe Zero Release

What happens when our brewhouse loses its mind? The phantom recipe zero pops up and causes havoc for the brewers. We decided to create real Recipe Zero to appease the technology gremlins and, of course, ourselves. Our Recipe Zero is an IPA infused with peaches.

Friday, June 11th at noon

Mandarine de Sang Release

Mandarine de Sang is a Belgian saison aged for up to 18 months in white wine casks with brettanomyces. Then, we invite some blood orange to the party. Mandarine is straw colored with a light orange tint and features big fruit and funk aromas. Finishes crisp and lightly dry with notes of tart citrus. Draft only!

Friday, May 28th at Noon

Steller's Jay Release

In collaboration with Zeeks Pizza: This special release gives homage to the hard-working women franchisee owners at Zeeks. They embody everything that the PNW native Steller's Jay symbolizes: determination, imagination, resourcefulness, adaptation, risk taking, and seizing opportunities. This summery lager is dry hopped with Trident and Loral for an uplifting finish that pairs perfectly with pizza.