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Wednesday, January 2nd at 4pm

First Wednesday Cask Event

Feather Weather Stout pre-coffee addition loaded with heaps of cherry, a touch of almond and vanilla, with just a hint of spice. *Not responsible if it makes grown men cry*

Friday, December 14th

Updraft Pale Ale Can Release

Life is a grind. You have your ups and your downs, day in and day out. Sometimes we have to pause and look to our feathered friends for a little inspiration. Ravens have learned that flapping their wings all day is exhausting and updrafts provide opportunities to relax, coast, travel great distances and see the world from new heights. With this in mind we were inspired to create a new beer, so we could all find our own Updraft whenever we needed to relax and coast for a while. Updraft Pale Ale combines generous amounts of Legacy, Calypso, Citra, Azzaca, and Strata hops for soaring aromatics and uplifting tropical fruit flavors that will put a little wind under your wings whenever you need it. Starting 12/14 we're excited to make Updraft Pale Ale available year-round in 12oz six-pack cans and 22oz bottles!