Woodinville Brewery and Tap Room


Our Woodinville brewery is our newest and largest facility, and is our main production brewery that is responsible for the vast majority of the beer we brew. Our 4 vessel 30BBL brewhouse was custom built to our specifications and is truly state of the art. This location is conveniently located in the Woodinville Wine District, so easy to pop into for those who prefer hops over grapes.


Redmond Brewery and Tap Room


We never know when inspiration will strike and we account for that with special projects. Sometimes an idea is too fresh or new to put into regular production and that's when the Redmond brewery is called into action. Many of these small run projects live only in our two taprooms. Who knows, one or two might turn into a larger release and move to the Woodinville brewery.

brewery operations

We strive for excellence.

With a full time lab program in house, we aim to send you our beer in the best shape possible. We fully disclose the date of filling your bottles, cans and kegs. No secret code to hide behind, we put it out there for you to see.

State Of The Art Facility

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We make what we love.