New Limited Release

You unlock this door with the key of imagination...Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of aroma, a dimension of mouthfeel, a dimension of taste. You're moving into a land of both tartness and fruit. You've just crossed over into...the Alternate Dimension!

Alternate Dimentions Pineapple Sour is available now on tap in our tap rooms, and in 16oz cans to go.

Woodinville Raven
April Comedy Night

Tickets $15 online or $20 at the door

21+ please. The jokes are like the drinks, not for kids.

Woodinville Raven
Trivia Night

Every other Thursday @7:30pm Trivia Night is ON.

All are welcome!

New Collab Series
Cemetery Souls IPA

Brewed in collaboration with BONEYARD BEER. Three Tonys, two breweries, one beer. Innovative hops will make sure your taste buds are left with zero regrets.

West Coast IPA

Brewed using New Zealand grown Nectaron hops, which lends a myriad of flavors including passion fruit, peach, grapefruit and pineapple, West Coast IPA ushers in a whole new era of IPA's for us!

We welcome this IPA to our world in 16oz cans and on tap at both taprooms. 

MechaRaven Double IPA

All systems online, Operation: MechaRaven has been initiated. Armed with the bold aroma and flavor of Idaho 7 hops and backed by an arsenal of guava and passion fruit. MechaRaven is laser focused on leaving a monster sized claw print in the battle of gigantic beers.

Currently available on tap in our taprooms and in cans ro go.

Proud to be the Official Beer Sponsor

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